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gappy teeth 1

This young lad did not like the appearance of his front teeth as he had a large gap in the middle. He decided to have a fixed brace on his upper teeth to close the gap. He was a keen saxophone player but it did not interefere with his playing. When the gap was closed he had the fleshy bit of skin in between the teeth reshaped so the gap would not reopen and it improved the appearance.

gappy teeth 2

This lady in her 30's was getting married and wanted to close the gap between her top front teeth, so she could have a beautiful smile for her wedding day, in just 9 months time! This was a tricky case, not only was there a big gap but her bite was also very deep. We used a plastic applicance to create space and fitted fixed braces to both upper and lower teeth. After an unusually quick treatment period, the bride had a wonderful wedding day, full of smiles - hers and their many guests!!

gappy teeth 3

This young girl felt her teeth were protruding and she did not like the gap in the middle. She decided to have fixed braces to close the gap and have the top teeth pulled back and the lower ones forward. She says she can now smile with complete confidence.



crowded teeth1

This scoolgirl was very selfconcious, as her teeth were not the most attractive when she smiled.
She had a removable brace to make her upper jaw wider and then fixed braces to align both upper and lower teeth.

crowded teeth2

This young man had severe crowding of his upper and lower teeth and a deep bite. He had fixed braces to gently increase the width of his jaws and reduced the deepness of his bite. Within 10 months his treatment was finished and we took his braces off. He is now wearing retainers to hold his teeth straight.

crowded teeth3

As you can see from the 'before' photo the upper middle teeth tip backwards towards the lower front teeth and the teeth next to them are sticking out. She had braces to correct this and now is very pleased with her beautiful new smile!


protruding teeth 1

This patient came to us with what seemed like her top teeth sticking out. In fact, her lower jaw was set too far back. She also had a very large gap in her front teeth. To correct this we gave her an upper and lower removable appliance to encourage her lower jaw to grow to the correct position. Once this was done, we fitted an upper fixed brace to the 6 front teeth to close the gap. It took approximately 16 months to complete.

protruding teeth 2

This patient's lower teeth were not only set back, but his upper front teeth were tipped forward making his problem a lot worse. To correct this we gave him an appliance to encourage his lower jaw to grow forwards. This brace took 10 months to reduce the measurement from 11mm to 5mm. We then used a fixed appliance with elastics to reduce the measurement from 5mm to 3mm, which is average. The fixed brace also straightened the teeth.

protruding teeth 3

This is another good example of very crowded teeth and a lower jaw that hasn't grown forward enough. To correct this we made the patient a removable appliance for the upper and lower teeth to encourage the lower jaw to grow forward, then we fitted upper and lower fixed braces to align the teeth. This took 21 months to complete.


prominent canine teeth 1

This patient came to us very unhappy with her teeth. Due to a narrow upper arch there were some teeth that had erupted too high up that could not fit in. To correct this problem we used fixed braces for upper and lower jaws. We placed springs on the wire between certain brackets which helped to open spaces for the teeth that had gone astray to fit in. It took 14 months to finish this course of treatment. The patient is now very happy with her smile and she keeps her teeth straight wearing retainers at night.



lower teeth 1

You can see from the 'before' photo, that this patient has severe crowding in her upper jaw which lead to one tooth erupting in the palate, and a front tooth biting behind a lower one. We also noticed that when the patient bit together her lower jaw was moving too far over to the right. To correct these problems, we gave the patient an upper removeable appliance to widen the upper jaw and to move the front tooth over the lower one. This took 8 months to complete. We then used a fixed appliance upper and lower to straighten the teeth. This took 17 months to do.

lower teeth 2

This patient's upper jaw was very narrow so her teeth wouldn't fit in. She also had crowding in her lower arch. To correct this problem, we made her a removeable upper appliance to expand her upper arch. Unfortunately, we were unable to expand her lower jaw and so she had one tooth removed. We then fitted upper and lower fixed appliances. This treatment took approximately 20 months.






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